Workshop for Peace – A world that works for everyone with equity and care for all


October 30th 2021



In another online gathering with Polish and international youth, experts and leaders from One Humanity Institute and Children of the Earth (including Nina Meyerhof, Domen Kocevar, Dharmendra K Singh, Rev Patrick McCollum, Oran Cohen, Dr. Carlos Warter, Sue Steinberg, Manuel Waelder, Diane Williams, Dr. Margret Ruffler, Peter Lukiwya, Harriet) offered spaces for smaller groups to explore a range of topics:

– Discovering the inner-self

– Seeking meaning – creating action

– Acts of kindness

– Trauma healing

– Project design

– Beekeeping

The online gathering ended with another beautiful song by Harriet and the youth allowing everyone a moment to enjoy the power and beauty of coming together to sing. The exchange and learning was dynamic and rich and youth walked away with new ideas for learning, projects and action.

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