Help Us Spread The Word

One Humanity Institute team thanks you for your continued interest and support. Now let us ‘spread the word’.

We believe that you are among those who understand that Peace is not a spectator sport. It begins in each and every one of us and from there It takes all of us to put it into action.

With these thoughts in mind, we invite you to make our message of hope, your message of hope as well — share it with friends, family and your networks.

• Social media backgrounds of your choosing are available for you to download.
• Two sided cards are available may be downloaded and printed or taken to a printer. Then you can pass out cards to friends, at church, the market – or even leave with your tips in a restaurant!

Together, let us demand and stand for: ” CEASE FIRE IN UKRAINE”

and further the peace ripple throughout the world.

Please review images below. It is also possible to create your own and we gladly help you. Our Ukrainian guests are so very grateful for your understanding and financial support. And they want to go home.