The Peace Lab is Open

The PEACE LAB in the HOUSE OF HOPE is now open!

On September 17th at 10:30 AM EDT a ribbon-cutting livestream broadcast was held to celebrate the official opening of the Peace Lab at The House of Hope.

The Peace Lab at the House of Hope is dedicated to Philip M. Hellmich, long time international Peacebuilder who was loved by many around the world. This event is part of the opening ceremonies of Peace Week 2022.

The Peace Lab @ The House of Hope: 

One Humanity Institute is bringing life and hope to a place that has traditionally been one of the darkest places in our world’s history. Next to the former Auschwitz concentration camp, a House of Hope has been born out of a donated bakery, and is now housing Ukrainian Refugees looking for a safe place to call home.

Within the House of Hope, a Peace Lab will serve as a central hub not only to connect young Ukrainian refugees with their teachers and families back home, but it will allow them to participate in a Peace Day Youth Convergence with others across the world. The Youth of our time will have a chance to turn places of darkness into places of life and hope.

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Initially located in the House of Hope, it will provide an internet café for the youth living in the house as well as Ukrainian and Polish students attending the local school for long distance learning and workshops on intensive Polish as well as job skills and life choices.

The Peace Lab is also a hub of collaborative learning, innovation and action. The lab is a place for research and discovery to learn about, teach, and apply leading-edge concepts and methods for peace building. Imagine a safe harbor for dialogue and deliberation, for the resolution of differences, discovery of shared purpose, and for the collaborative development of solutions to making peace.

Watch our progress....