Aligning the Heartbeats of


The overarching goal, through these efforts and with this articulated vision, is to build a foundation for the evolution of consciousness needed to give rise to the global solidarity of One Humanity to achieve sustainable peace.

Dr. Nina Meyerhof

The One Humanity Institute emerges from the need to focus on a culture of peace with forgiveness and trust. To achieve this peace requires a grassroots revolution of consciousness.

Building the best next to the worst

Just as the horrors of Auschwitz – the site of perhaps the most notorious horrors in our history – whose essence inspired the Universal Declaration of Human Rights led OHI to turn this historic location into an example of our shared humanity, and to guide visitors through the exploration of models for a future.

Attract, educate, inspire

The mission of the Institute is to become a collaborative platform that supports the universal values of peace, tolerance, dignity, freedom, equality, and solidarity for all life through innovative programs and experiences.

2 million visitors yearly

the town of Oświęcim/Auschwitz is the ideal location for this new vision for humanity that honors those who perished while inspiring rising generations to reach for an alternative future that resolves obstacles to global harmony.

Addressing the needs of our times and the future

The One Humanity Institute Bakery and the City of Hope provide spaces to explore conflict resolution, regenerative solutions in the face of climate change, social and economic justice, the empowerment and activism of youth, leadership, individual health and trauma healing as expression of societal health, as well as protecting and preserving our global commons.

We will impact the world, one person at a time. Those who experience the One Humanity Institute will return home equipped to be the change they wish to see in the world.



for the form, voice, thoughts and spirit of each human being


for differences


of our feelings, thoughts and behaviors to be transparent


in feelings and thoughts


to take a stand


to reflect inner peace


to be a seeker


How did it
all begin?

In 2014, Dr. Nina Meyerhof was invited by a group of women to join them on a visit to Auschwitz. Nina was always told by her mother that her grandmother was murdered at Auschwitz the day she was born. It was truly shocking for her to find so many family names on the SHOAH list.

When Nina met Domen Kočevar on a plane going to The Parliament of World Religions in 2015, they felt destiny pulling them together.

After Domen had gone to visit Auschwitz himself, they then met again and the idea for the One Humanity Institute was born. Beginning with a simple bench in a park for reflection, it quickly grew into the vision of turning the empty military barracks opposite Auschwitz I Museum into the City of Hope.
When Nina and Domen were gifted the former bakery and family house of Haim Horowitz in 2019, the focus shifted to creating the One Humanity Bakery in the town centre as a prototype and first starting point on the way to the City of Hope. .

Drawing on an international network of peace-seekers, activists and community leaders, the One Humanity Institute is honoured to be driven by passion and expertise.