Teddy Bears for Ukrainian Children – Fundraiser


03/01/22 – 2:00pm



PEOPLE UNITING FOR PEACE GLOBALLY creates a powerful ripple effect.
In Poland, the population is uniting like never before – across political, religious or cultural divides – to offer their help and solidarity, their houses and food, their hands, hearts and ears in this humanitarian crisis happening next door.
What began as a Teddy Bear project to bring love and to ease the pain and suffering of children has now evolved to include housing for Ukrainian refugees, with support coming in from literally around the world – including frm citizens in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Amazingly, we are now planning to outfit two houses gifted and loaned to us as the House of Hope in Oświęcim-Auschwitz, Poland, for 20-30 Ukrainian residents transitional housing. This endeavour will include personal services as well as comfortable apartments.
We are also potentially working on the 12 barracks adjacent to Auschwitz Museum that could house up to 1000 individuals. Auschwitz, where one of the most horrific atrocities against humanity occurred, is the cornerstone for humanity to finally understand we are united as one… thus the City of Hope. We now face a critical distinct moment in history to transfrom Hate into Hope.
We know there is a pressing need to shift international attitudes and thinking, knowing that energy follows thought, and that this is the way through to living in harmonious relationship on the planet.  On March 5th we were honoured to be part of the ONE LOVE synchronized meditation LIVE from Oświęcim. You can watch the recording here
The Teddy Bear project began in response to 9/11 and has served to help children through traumatic experiences in countries around the world. Today we are in Poland for the Ukrainian children and their families. One Humanity Institute holds the vision of a transformative “solutionarium” in Oświęcim-Auschwitz, a humanity united for peace and human security. As we are turning our Bakery into the House of Hope, our goal is to be a place of refuge and to be a social innovation hub that reaches our Ukrainian guests, visitors and towns-people, and with a focus on the youth to offer co-working/co-learning space.
Teddy Bears for Ukraine (#TeddyBearTeamHope) is a crowd-funded collaboration between Children of the Earth, One Humanity Institute, One Humanity Rising, Source of Synergy Foundation and a growing list of individuals and organizations around the world. Together we are committing peaceful acts of caring towards people in need.
Since March 4th, we have received and gifted thousands of Teddy Bears to children fleeing Ukraine into Poland, all made possible through caring gifts of people and organizations all over the world. We continue to bless many children with teddy bears, art supplies and food. Team Hope has been doing this and we are deeply grateful for this opportunity to serve. The Teddy Bear campaign can be ongoing as we continue to receive supplies to distribute to children.
Currently, TeamHope is based in Oświęcim-Auschwitz. Our mission is evolving to provide not only teddy bears for children but also to recognize now the absolute need for housing.
All funds raised will be used to provide teddy bears, food, supplies and housing to those fleeing Ukraine into Poland. Your support is now needed more than ever.

We invite you to reach out to your networks to raise awareness about these endeavours. 



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