We Rise


Thanks to the gift of two bakery families,

One Humanity Bakery

serves a thriving local and global community

The Bakery-Café is a safe and inclusive space for gatherings and exchange around a hot meal or freshly baked bread. A Learning Center to equip youth as resilient learners with 21st century skills, a Start-up Hub, Co-working Space and Youth Think-tank to co-create a new story for humanity and the world, to offer the townspeople revived economic opportunities, and to be a creative outlet for international visitors and social innovators working on the edge of the future.

The Bakery will also host a Social Media Center, Peace library and Conference Rooms. The outdoor spaces will include Permaculture Gardens, Art Work, and additional spaces for gathering.

What makes the Bakery distinctive

It will serve as a catalyst for Oświęcim to release the city from the shadow of Auschwitz and help to transform it into an instrument of peace. The people from Oświęcim will be able to ‘re-member’ themselves into a prosperous life, lifting their future opportunities. OH Bakery experience will be a symbol of creating a thriving global community that illustrates our highest potential.

Economic Impact

Generate economic impact for the town of Oswiecim, providing jobs and community revenue. Attract visitors from all over the world.

Catalyst for Oświęcim

A catalyst for the city to release the past of Auschwitz and focus more on its potential as a Peace Messenger City.

Creativity Anchor

Interactive Hub where creative and innovative projects can be incubated by city youth and multicultural leaders – fostering  tomorrow’s solutions and a brighter future.

The Bakery Experience

Provide a unique experience and model of a thriving global community. OH Bakery will be the ideal location where the international world can meet the caring and creative local community.


How it happened

The One Humanity Bakery will be born from two historic buildings located in the heart of Oświęcim. There was once a time, prior to the war, that two families provided the bread of life for a vibrant community. The Gerstner-Horowitz family graciously donated their former bakery to be a One Humanity Bakery. The neighboring building, home to a family of bakers, was the Gonciarczyk’s residence.

Now, they will be joined together to support the city with its vision of being an instrument of peace by offering spaces for an emerging future of equity, hope and caring collaboration.

Leave an Imprint on the Future. Build One Humanity With Us.

SEED €500
Slice € 2.5k
Bread loaf € 5k
Sharing Bread € 10k
Wheat Field € 25k

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