International Day of Peace Event 2021 by OHI and Children of the Earth


September 25th 2021


Online & Oświęcim

A group of young people from Poland and the world attended the One Humanity Institute and Children of the Earth’s International Day of Peace Online Event to meet other young people committed to a world that works for everyone with equity and care for all.

Local Oświęcim youth, as well as teachers and members of the One Humanity team gathered in Cafe Bergson in Oświęcim to broadcast this exciting hybrid event and meet international youth.

During the call, participants were supported by Nina Meyerhof, Domen Kocevar, HH Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche, Oran Cohen, Olga and Princess to explore the following topics:

– What dreams do you have for the world? What are you most inspired to do for our world?

– What are your major concerns in the world today? How do you feel about the world now – climate crisis and COVID? How has Covid and Climate affected you personally?

– Which issue is a major issue in your hometown? – What are the political and social issues of your town?

– What could you do right now to make a difference? What projects could bring change to your community? What is the most important change your local area needs? Are you willing to help organize something to meet that need?

– If you had a Bakery to house programs what would you include?

– Tell about your values that are important to you

– How do you wish school to function?

– How can young people and the older generations work together better?

It was another rich and inspiring exchange allowing the youth the space to express their visions, concerns, values and dreams to learn from each other, as well as to share and enjoy music together with Harriet.

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