Our House of Hope

We are turning the One Humanity Bakery into the HOUSE OF HOPE!

In this time of turmoil and high uncertainty manifested by this war, we are inspired by the generous move of Poland to open hearts and homes for those fleeing war and destruction in Ukraine. With over 3 million refugees, housing is a crisis. With your help we can do our part!

Not only do we wish to provide a safe and welcoming space of rest and nourishment where our Ukrainian guests can live with security, peace, no fear, Oneness and love, but we also wish to offer them the opportunity to find purpose by getting involved and contributing to a more peaceful world. Together we can prevent future wars by building a culture of peace, trust and collaboration and transform this tragedy into seeds for a more hopeful and positive future. 

We are offering several apartments of transitional housing to our Ukrainian guests until they can return home or find more permanent housing. 

In addition to the safety and comfort of the rooms, we also offer a communal kitchen, a co-working space that will turn into the Bakery’s entrepreneurship hub, emotional first-aid and training opportunities and a children’s area.

We are offering this to refugees who are feeling inspired by the mission of One Humanity and would like to actively contribute to and benefit from the vision, trusting that everything we do adds hope for humanity so that peace will prevail.

Building 1 – Repairs and Furnishing in Progress

In building 1, we have 2 x 1-bedroom apartments, 1 x 2-bedroom apartment, 1 x 3-bedroom apartment, 1 x 4-bedroom apartment that are being furnished with bunk beds to accommodate up to 35 Ukrainian guests. 

Our invitation is open to families, students, elders who who wish to be an active part of the vision of One Humanity and to transform this situation into something that brings hope and healing for their future.

Once building 1 is complete, we plan to start working on building 2 that has already been gifted to OHI for the realiszation of the vision of One Humanity.

We will be ready to welcome the first Ukrainian guests in June 2022!

Would you like to become an integral part of developing the House of Hope community into the One Humanity Bakery and Institute?

Then join our Facebook group, fill in our housing application form  or donate to our fundraiser!