House of Hope

The HOUSE OF HOPE needs your help.

Your donation will provide heat for Ukrainian families in the House of Hope. Heating costs have tripled and we must keep these families warm. The House of Hope is an initiative of the One Humanity Institute located in Oswiecim, Poland. Our building was renovated this past year with funds from around the world. We now have over 20 Ukrainians living there as guests and provide them a transition home during these challenging times. Give your generous support to help warm these children and families impacted by the war.

In this time of turmoil and high uncertainty manifested by this war, we are inspired by the generous move of Poland to open hearts and homes for those fleeing war and destruction in Ukraine. With over 3 million refugees, housing is a crisis. With your help we can do our part!

Not only do we wish to provide a safe and welcoming space of rest and nourishment where our Ukrainian guests can live with security, peace, no fear, Oneness and love, but we also wish to offer them the opportunity to find purpose by getting involved and contributing to a more peaceful world. Together we can prevent future wars by building a culture of peace, trust and collaboration and transform this tragedy into seeds for a more hopeful and positive future. 

We are offering several apartments of transitional housing to our Ukrainian guests until they can return home or find more permanent housing. 

In addition to the safety and comfort of the rooms, we also offer a communal kitchen, a co-working space that will turn into the Bakery’s entrepreneurship hub, emotional first-aid and training opportunities and a children’s area.

We are offering this to refugees who are feeling inspired by the mission of One Humanity and would like to actively contribute to and benefit from the vision, trusting that everything we do adds hope for humanity so that peace will prevail.

Update on the HOUSE OF HOPE: 

The House of Hope of One Humanity Institute has now been completely renovated. It’s now opening its doors to Ukrainian refugee guests.

Thank you all for your kind generosity for helping make this come alive! Next we will be offering workshops to help support the guests’ needs as well as build out a social innovation hub for the town of Oświęcim, Poland, next to Auschwitz, and for its visitors.

Our Peace Lab honoring the late Evolutionary Leader and lifelong peace builder, Philip Hellmich, will house 12 computers for the people to communicate with the world. Our goal is for all of us to become connected and serve one another.

“Together we can prevent future wars by building a culture of peace, trust and collaboration and transform this tragedy into seeds for a more hopeful and positive future.”

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Nina Meyerhof, co-founder with Domen Kocevar of the One Humanity Institute, is a Member of the Board of the Source of Synergy Foundation.

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