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One Humanity Institute is founded to illuminate a positive global consciousness for all, united as one humanity, as a modern day solutionarium to be located adjacent and in stark contrast to the most horrid of horrors, Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Today there exists terrible potentials of this systematic oppression of humanity occurring again. Are we able to avoid war and autocratic control plus total oppression of people?

The One Humanity Institute is answering the transitional housing necessity of Ukrainian refugees by turning one of our buildings into the House of Hope to provide for their needs during traumatic and challenging times. While at the Polish/Ukrainian border shortly after the war began, we visited the registration centers, train stations and shelters. We saw people sleeping on the floors in crowded situations and then only so many homes that the Polish people have to offer.

Through the generous donations of friends and supporters, we have been able to refurbish our building from disrepair into a warm and welcoming home for families fleeing the Ukrainian war. We finished the first phase, and the refugee guests are settling in with more to come. We are committed to continuing and are looking for funds to support our group of refugee families: Our goal is to provide a free living space and food for at least 3-6 months.

5,000 EU per month is needed. Your donations will help the Ukrainian mothers and their children living in the House of Hope to have a warm home.
Your Donations will provide the needed costs for these Ukrainian families in the House of Hope in Oswiecim, Poland. Costs for the House of Hope and Ukrainians have quadrupled since the war broke out and are greatly needed. Please help sponsor these families in any amount you can spare.

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If we are to have Never Again, then we must rise to the occasion and implement Never Again.

The One Humanity Institute is a registered non-profit charitable foundation both in the USA (501c3, Federal- 83-4432613 EIN) and in Poland (NIP: 5492448877, REGON: 368562030).

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