Robin Eschler

International B2B, B2C and Nonprofit Marketing Consultant
Specializing in support for startups and entrepreneurs, small business and global corporations with an emphasis on the Triple Bottom Line (People, Planet, Profit) adding the fourth P of Perspective/ Progress/ Sustainable-Prosperity leading to a new paradigm for business and the World community.

Her career started in Silicon Valley where she worked for Hewlett Packard and then moved into consulting. She helped several start-ups spawned from HP to develop and implement comprehensive, international campaigns including PLX Technology and Oak Technology which are now international corporations. During this time, she also helped introduce early consumer technologies for Motorola, Casio, Ford Industries and others into mass marketers including Macy’s, Radio Shack, Gottschalks and Service Merchandise.

Her value for her clients is in providing the top-down view of the marketing landscape together with actionable, bite-sized tactics to achieve marketing and business goals. Her toolbox includes online marketing, website development and SEO, membership site and ecommerce development, social media marketing, PR (online, print and broadcast), advertising (online, print and broadcast), publications, email or direct mail, conferences and trade shows, video production and editing, and high impact market discovery research.

Her client list includes for-profit businesses and nonprofits around the world including Afghanistan, Kenya, Poland, USA, Canada, and Europe across diverse industries from entertainment to education to health and bio-technology, software, IoT and techno-gadgets, hospitality and real estate. As an example of her success, within 7 months of work for a start-up biotech firm, she led them from no website or branding identity to being one of only 27 companies nationwide, the bulk of which were global corporations, invited to present to the US Congress in DC.

As owner and founder of Social Impact Marketing, Robin Eschler’s work reflects her passion for helping people make a positive impact on the world while enjoying sustainable business success. Her online radio show, Socially Conscious Investing, contains interviews with international social entrepreneurs, scientists, authors and artists.

Late in 2012, crowdfunding caught Robin’s eye as a great way for companies to market test while enjoying pre-production funding. Since then she has consulted with new crowdfunding platforms, helped campaigners and taught crowdfunding through presentations to Rotary, SCORE, SABER, Santa Barbara Business Expo, NAWBO and other groups. Her expertise is expanding into equity crowdfunding with the latest SEC Title III rulings, and recently, cryptocurrency.

Robin’s nonprofit work includes fund raising as well as developing and managing several programs reaching underserved populations including differently-abled people, foster children and at-risk youth, people with physical disabilities, veterans, and for the arts and music as well.