Oran Cohen

MD of Genius Works Consulting

He dedicated his life to mapping and understanding Transformational Systemic change in social systems. As MD of Genius Works Consulting, Oran has worked with organisations such as Google (Across Africa), Johnson & Johnson (US), UNICEF, UNHCR, FNB, Standard Bank, Nedbank, Nestle (Brands including Cremora, Nestle Chocolate, Nescafe, Ricoffy etc), The Innovation Agency of South Africa and many more.

Oran is a faculty member of the Center for Creative Leadership as well as Duke Executive Education and serves as an advisor to different organizations. He is a strategist and systems intervener, he focuses not only on the methodologies of innovation but the psychosocial dimensions of systemic problems. He looks at how systemic problems can be (dis)solved rather than just solved. He educates individuals around the world on how to do this and has designed processes and frameworks that allow deep systemic transformation to take place.

Oran holds a Masters in Leading Innovation and Change and has been studying Psychoanalysis for the past 6 years. He is currently embarking on his second Masters in Biomimicry to learn more disciplines to help him crack the code of shifting complex adaptive systems. For more than 15 years in over 20 countries, he has guided communities, non-profits, and large multinationals through complex questions and challenges to help them find unique solutions to the problems they face. In 2012 Oran was chosen as one of the Evolutionary Leaders by The Source of Synergy Foundation. In 2009 Oran was selected as one of the most interesting young South Africans by the Mail and Guardian and has been called an emerging young global leader by different international organizations.