Nina Meyerhof

Nina Meyerhof has dedicated her life to working for the betterment of children`s lives through developing empowerment processes with a focus on self-esteem, democratic living skills, understanding one’s spiritual nature and furthering a local to global perspective. As President and Founder of Children of the Earth, she is a visionary thought leader recognized for a life of advocating for children and youth.

The co-author of “Conscious Education: The Bridge to Freedom”, and “Pioneering Spiritual Activism” she has been an innovative force in Authentic Education and Holistic Education. Nina was for 20 years Director of ten public schools Special Education programs as well as Interim Director of other school districts.

Nina has received many awards for her work from The Mother Theresa Award to the Citizens Department of Peace Award to The International Educators Award for Peace as well as the State of Vermont passed a Resolution honoring her for her life’s work in PEACE, the Sage Award and one of twelve recipients for the Public Peace Prize and is recognized as one of the world’s known Evolutionary Leaders.

Nina designed an educational model of learning – Reflect, Connect, Act, which constitutes a process designed to consolidate personal growth and societal actions for positive activism. Nina is recognized among educators for having developed two major constructs called Conflict-Transcendence, which goes beyond conflict resolution and conflict transformation and Lateral Leadership Governance Structure for potential of working in a collaborative group model.

Nina has a Doctorate in Education as well as two Masters and a C.A.G.S. in related fields. she was an official public servant serving her communities and meeting the needs of all the local, state, and federal legal requirements..

COE sent out an online bi-monthly newsletter detailing the organization’s activities and individual youth stories to over 10,000 people. COE youth projects have reached over 15,000 individuals and COE chapter and hub members are active on social media sites. COE’s goal was to support and link a network of young leaders as a global family committed to actualizing their personal intention, becoming inspired to altruism and weaving a web that bridges all personal, cultural, national and religious divides.

Nina believes it is necessary to put words into action. Nina has worked in South Africa, Israel, Russia, Thailand, Ghana, Switzerland, Japan , Australia, total working in approximately 100 countries.

After meeting Domen Kocevar of Slovenia, and with his inspired to action understanding, they began many visits, meetings, planning and visioning to bring OHI into form. They are actively in the process of designing a complex of a variety of programs as learning opportunities for those interested in resolving conflict and inspiring alternative possibilities for a better future.

The One Humanity Institute will offer structured learning opportunities in a variety of forms for young people and adults through formal and non-formal education.

“Meyerhof energizes people – not just kids, but whole communities. She is completely convinced that empowering young people to become aware of what is going on in the world and address it by becoming a part of a local network, then knitting that into a global network is the way to heal the world. She has a total commitment to her vision.” Ron Miller, author and activist in the field of holistic education.