Margret Rueffler

Margret is an author and healer, specialized on the interaction of body, mind and spirit to achieve healing. She is an expert on the psychological impact of trauma on body and mind, and teaches therapists in many countries in a transpersonal approach to facilitate developing and unfolding in the HeartSelfIntelligence approach. Several of her books have been translated into different languages. She has a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology with focus on a Psychosynthetic Approach to Body/Mind/Spirit and has found a nonprofit organization named “The PsychPoliticalPeace Institute”, providing professional training for counselors in Transpersonal Psychology and supervision for people in managing and helping professions. She works with post trauma groups, trains supervisors, youth in prison population and wardens (Indonesia) as well as a guest lecturer at several Indonesian universities. Margred found a retreat center in Bali and a social educational foundation, working through 12 different projects to allow for personal and collective growth and increased self-esteem.