Katarzyna Jarosz

Leader of the Architect Team

She has always been accompanied by a passion for drawing and space, which she translated into numerous works and participation in competitions in which she took the highest places. She shared her passion with others by teaching freehand drawing at the Krakow school of drawing in the late nineties, thus preparing future architecture students for university entrance exams. She combined her passion for drawing and space with architecture, which has been the direction of her activities since high school. At the basis of her architectural creativity, she puts people in the first place, for whom she creates architectural space as an element that significantly affects the comfort and quality of life. Working with people and for people is a constant source of inspiration for her and a motivation to search for new solutions, which she repeatedly introduces as innovative, ahead of design and product trends in architecture. He is willing to take on even the most difficult challenges. The greatest confirmation of the quality of the effects of her work is the satisfaction of the users of the spaces she designed. It places great emphasis on working with a team of experienced architects and industry designers, which means that the created design projects are characterized by high quality and professionalism.

Architect A graduate of the Krakow University of Technology. Tadeusza Kościuszko in Kraków, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Royal Institute of British Architects Architecture and Urban Design and Real Estate Agent, a graduate of the Academy of Economics. Karol Adamiecki in Katowice. He has an unlimited design license and a real estate license. Since 2004, he has been running a team of architects in his own company. Working on the design and investment market, she has created a rich portfolio of completed architectural projects, including single-family, multi-family, office, commercial and service, industrial, sports and recreation, historic, private, commercial and public interiors. 2014, the author and main architect of the Tourist Service Center in Brzezinka near Oświęcim, which was appreciated by the Association of Architects of the Republic of Poland and the Marshal of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. The constant search for new areas of activity has led her to prove herself as an author and implementer of entire business ventures, from design, all know-how, to market launch. Today, it consistently implements its assumptions in the field of cooperation not only in the country but also in international cooperation, putting emphasis on the creation of architecture that influences interpersonal relations and the quality of life, enabling the use of innovative solutions.