Janice Hall

Janice is President and Founder of Natural Network International (NNI), business development, trends forecasting, marketing and brand-building company since 1991. She guides leadership in organizations with market intelligence and strategic management in areas of health & wellness, environmental sustainability, and clean technology solutions. She is also co-founder of the nonprofit EcoLife Education Program, an accessible 30-hour, vetted, online training that covers health issues, food policy, sustainable agriculture practices, animal welfare, ocean preservation, climate change, environmental stewardship and the interdependence of all. Her experience includes various executive positions for New Hope Network, the leading communications company, instrumental in driving the growth of the natural product market to $141 billion in 2016. She created the template for global expansion, recognizing trade opportunities and barriers, as well as building relationships with government groups, leaders of trade associations and distribution systems in numerous countries, resulting in millions of dollars of revenue. She was the Associate Group Publisher for four industry magazines: Natural

Foods Merchandiser, Organic Times, Herb Market Review and Delicious Living. She was deeply involved in the development of the Natural Products Expos, and initiated the greening of the company, its publications and trade shows.

Previously she was a consultant for the CEO, BP Alternative Energy and the Executive Director Greenpeace.