Igor Janke

Igor is the President of the independent think tank Freedom Institute. He works on enhancing communication business. He was the only European journalist who interviewed President Barack Obama during his 2011 trip to Great Britain, France, Ireland and Poland. He is the anchor of a few television and radio political talk shows and author of three books. Igor began his career as a journalist in 1989 in „Po Prostu‟ where he focused on topics related to culture and politics. In the 1990s he worked at „Życie Warszawy‟ where he started out as a political reporter and later directed the cultural section. From 1997 to 1998 he was deputy chief editor of the „Ekspres Wieczorny‟. For the next five years he was a chief editor of the Polish Press Agency. Later he became political editor and commentator of „Rzeczpospolita‟, a Polish daily newspaper. In 2006 he established an independent bloggers platform – Salon24.pl (politics, economy, social issues).