Dr. Colins Imoh

Dr. Colins Imoh is an accomplished academic and educator specializing in conflict transformation, leadership and environmental management.

He has a wealth of experience in these fields, holding a doctoral degree in Peace Education & Leadership, an MA in Conflict Transformation and organizational leadership, and an MPhil in Environmental Management and sustainability.

Currently, Dr. Imoh serves as a lecturer at the Department of Peace Studies and International Development at the University of Bradford. He is also the EDI Facilitator in the School of Social Science and the Programme director for the BA in International Relations, Politics, and Security Studies.

Additionally, he holds the position of Secretary of the International Board of the African Peace Fellows at Sacstate and is an Adjunct Faculty at the Division of Criminal Justice at the California State University, Sacramento.

Dr. Imoh’s interests extend beyond academia, and he actively participates in social action, nonviolent movement, multicultural movement, sustainable development, diversity, and peace education. He has authored many articles and book chapters on these topics.

Dr. Imoh is a passionate advocate for peace and social justice. He firmly believes that solidarity among people can lead to a more peaceful world.