Domen Kočevar

Studied Sociology and Theology at the University of Maribor, Slovenia. After years of active and practical social and spiritual exploration and activism Domen came to focus on the concept/fact of One Humanity. This now has become his life’s work.
In recent years Domen has established a medical clinic in Slovenia to serve local people. This clinic has the highest quality of new needed procedures as is focused on health and well being of the individual.

He co started a social impact hub called 2030 in Slovenia focused on accelerating solutions for 17 Sustainable Development Goals – SDG’s.
Domen is also founder and director of THEOSOPHICAL LIBRARY OF ALMA.M.KARLIN in Slovenia with more than 11.000 monographs on all religions, spiritual paths, philosophy, sociology, new science, economy, and community living approaches. They organize mini symposiums on different subjects, furthering offering the space for explorations towards recognizing the fact of oneness of humanity. Some of the titles of symposiums: World Ethos – base for world peace; Living in the multicultural world; Role of women in religion: in the past, today and in the future; New paradigms in science.
Domen is for many years researching perennial wisdom, encouraging comparative studies on religions/spiritual traditions with science and philosophy. He serves as a bishop in liberal and adogmatic Catholic tradition. This leads Domen to focus on multi-culturalism and interfaith activities in service to co-joining all humanity.

Since attending and presenting at the Parliament of World’s Religions his work became much more focused on the practical. Domen is doing much of the visioning, planning, outreach, and strategizing for our One Humanity Institute initiative’ success.