Danny Gal

My interest in the concept of dialogue started in the very early days of my career. I realized that the main action I was doing as a consultant was listening: To my partner(s) and to myself. Since then I devoted my career to creating and hosting spaces in which people can listen to each other in ways that go beyond stereotypes, fears and preconceptions towards sharing humanity and acknowledging the right to be unique and different.

As a son of two holocaust survivors, I grew up in a dual atmosphere: on the one hand, we should always be alert and ready because danger is just over the corner. On the other hand, we should treat every human with dignity based on equality. This combination is who I am today. A humanist that is always alert. I believe this is where my tendency towards listening is coming from. To practice my beliefs I conducted a few experiments that became solid structures:

  • I was part of the founding team of the Center for Emerging Futures (CEF), an NGO that promotes practical partnerships between Israelis and Palestinians in Israel-Palestine. Our approach was that dialogue should go beyond just meetings. For 10 years, we have convened more than thousand Israelis and Palestinians, forming many projects teams that made a difference on the ground.
  • I co-founded Impact Hub Tel Aviv. It was the fifth Hub outside of London. It served as a Launchpad for many social initiatives in Israel and the region, including some very interesting Jewish-Arab projects like this film.
  • I co-organized the 1000 round tables dialogue in Israel. It was the largest simultaneous community dialogue, held in Israel during the social demonstrations of 2011. The main impact of this event was that community dialogue became a practical tool that is now being implemented all over Israel and other placed in the world.
  • I was part of the strategic team of the Institute for Democratic Education (IDE) that isactively changing the education system in Israel to be more democratic.

The main values of this movement is: Listening to every child’s unique gift; and finding ways in which many different and unique individuals can form an inclusive and nurturing community.