Ayo Ayoola-Amale

Lawyer I Conflict Resolution / Management Professional I Peace Activist I Poet.

Ayo Ayoola-Amale is the Lead, First Conflict Resolution Services and an Ombudsman for Mediators beyond Borders Int’l. A chartered mediator, arbitrator, ombudsman, facilitator and educator with an excellent record of wisdom, peace-making, trustworthiness, neutrality, good listening and communication skills. She became engaged in peace activism at a very young age and became the Lead of Rotaract Club and Girls Guide as a teenager. Ayo was a devoted Girl Guide in her teens where there are Girl Guiding groups set up with a focus to work on social justice issues, such as violence against women and girls. Ayo is constantly focused on mediation and peace-building and believes that Peace is a Human Right and culture that we build by educating young people. Peace building is a lifetime commitment for Ayo and she remains dedicated to speaking out and taking action.

Other areas of work:

To provide mediation support and informal assistance to all staff acting as a neutral third-party that is impartial, confidential, independent in all staff grievances and complaints related to work. To Inform, and where necessary guide, parties in potential or active disputes about the informal resolution process and assist them to initiate it. Facilitate informal resolution of workplace conflicts and helping all parties to explore options and engage in a voluntary and confidential process that resolves conflicts by pursuing mutually agreeable solutions. To facilitate conflict resolution, mediation and negotiation to avoid litigation costs, and help conflicting parties to discuss issues and negotiate an agreement. Identifying systemic failings, analyzing complaints, asking the body concerned about complaints, resolving disputes without resort to formal investigations. Serve as a justice advocate on behalf of staff and the organization to address concerns, complaints or psychosocial needs that are not otherwise resolved through daily operations process.

To work in a noble institution with hardworking and dedicated staff to achieve maximum outcome through effective utilization of resources, teamwork, proactive response to the trends and various developments within the organization’s environment, to deliver purpose-oriented.