Angelika Kobl

Angelika is an international facilitator, holistic educator, community builder, grassroots peacebuilder, processworker, musician and poet. She holds a BSc in Ecology and Conservation (University of Sussex, UK) and a MA in Global Studies (Karl-Franzens University of Graz, AT) and is continuing training in process-oriented facilitation and World Work with different processwork institutes.

She has worked in Germany, England, Scotland, Zimbabwe, Austria, Egypt, the Netherlands and Poland. Her most recent involvements were with the Global Ecovillage Network, Sekem Holding, the Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development (HU), the Centre for Sustainable Education of HU, the Economy of Love Education Team, the Spiritual Politics Lab and now as Project Assistant for the One Humanity Institute.

Angelika opens spaces of courageous, conscious and compassionate encounters to tap into the wisdom inherent in all life and to remember our shared humanness. Angelika weaves together European and Indigenous approaches, cosmologies and wisdom traditions, as well as research, healing and art.