Alan Briskin

My interest in archetypal psychology, wisdom traditions, and the unconscious life of groups has led me on a unique journey, personally and professionally. Having studied depth psychology and the history of social institutions such as prisons, mental asylums, and public schools, I turned my attention to the workplace as a consultant, focusing especially on health care and education. On a 1-1 basis I work with leaders to cultivate a stance of attention that uses their own experience and imagination joined with a sophisticated understanding of the system they are operating in. On a group basis, I convene or facilitate work teams bridging reflection and inquiry with effective execution. In all my work, there is an affirmation of the principle of genuine human encounter, a belief mirrored in the words of Martin Buber – that all real living is meeting. Alan Briskin, Ph.D., co-founder of the Collective Wisdom Initiative is a consultant, artist, and researcher. His co-authored book, The Power of Collective Wisdom, won the 2010 Nautilus Award in the category of Business and Leadership. Another recent book, Daily Miracles: Stories and Practices of Humanity and Excellence in Health Care, written with Jan Boller, was chosen as the 2007 Book of the Year by the American Journal of Nursing in the area of Public Interest and Creative Works. Briskin, honored by Saybrook University as the 1997 Noted Humanist Scholar, is a leading voice in the field of organizational learning and development.