OHI Bakery becomes House of Hope for Ukrainian Refugees

We have moved on from our Teddy Bear campaign to transitional housing. With more than 1.8 million people fleeing to Poland, housing is a crisis.

Please support our efforts to be able to provide longer-term transitional housing for Ukrainian families and young people. Starting in June 2022, we will provide safe housing where people can heal, feel supported and give back to the community.

Teddy Bears for Ukrainian Children – Fundraiser

People uniting for peace globally creates a powerful ripple effect. In Poland, the population is uniting like never before – across political, religious or cultural divides – to offer their help and solidarity, their houses and food, their hands, hearts and ears in this humanitarian crisis happening next door.

We at OHI are ready to take our place in this quest for world peace and are gearing up to work with incoming refugee families and children in Oświęcim where many of them are being brought to.

Your support is now needed more than ever.

OHI is raising money for refugee children and their families to support them in settling into their new reality.

SUPPORT US with your donation!

OHI – From Dream to Reality

Dr. Nina Meyerhof and Domen Kocevar brought together a group of 20 prominent people from many corners of the world to Oswiecim-Auschwitz.