2023 Awakening Peace Award Recipient – Dr. Nina Meyerhof

Each year since Lisa and Brian Berman founded their Awakening Peace org, they have awarded recipients who have worked tirelessly in teaching and promoting peace for future generations.
Dr. Nina Meyerhof is our 6th recipient of the Awakening Peace Award. In this video interview, Nina outlines her accomplishments as a peace educator over the course of her lifetime. This documentation of her life from her own words will uplift and inspire all who view this video.

Beyond Auschwitz – Invitation to Build a New Future – Oswiecim/Auschwitz

Youth, aged 15 – 25 years, are
invited to attend a training
Workshop Gathering in Oswiecim,
Poland. This is adjacent to the
horrors of Auschwitz where
humanity did such atrocious acts
and murdered 1.1 million people.
Imagine if you could take this
experience and juxtapose this for
HOPE for humanity?
You are invited!

Peace Lab Workshops – Vision Board for 2023

Create Your Vision Board for 2023.
Vision boards are a collection of images or objects arranged in a way to help you manifest your goals or vision. You can use them to manifest your personal goals or create a visual representation of a personal vision statement.

Peace Lab Workshops – Global Compassionate Listening Circle via Zoom

This global compassionate listening circle is about heart-to-heart listening, being fully present, connecting, and allowing our truth to be shared in a safe loving compassionate environment. You will learn skills that help to build a deeper connection with yourself, family, friends, co-workers, and community.